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Strategy for Preempting a Rogue Connection

Want faster Wi-Fi or "videoconferencing" at your office or dorm room? With one click, you can buy a tri-band, Wi-Fi router with up to 3.2 Gbps data transfer rates for only $279. It even comes with firewall protection. And for $129 you can buy a pretty sweet desktop videoconferencing camera and hook it up, "in seconds." Who needs the IT department?

  • "Our perspective is that we are here to serve the university to serve our organization," said Terry Vahey, associate vice president and CIO for IT Services at San José State University. "First we look at what the services are that our customers need, then we determine how can we provide those services.”

To preempt the AV/IT DIY’er, Vahey suggests getting to know the user needs. It might seem counterintuitive, but it works.

"You might as well figure out how to help the user in a way that will meet their needs, that provides them access to where they need to go, and do it using a method you can support that is done correctly and securely across the network, in a way that builds on collaboration." Vahey stressed,

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Cindy Davis is a contributing editor for AV Technology.