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StrandVision's YouTube Signage Channel

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StrandVision Digital Signage has added a YouTube Channel to offer short, targeted, information sessions and tutorials on StrandVision’s cloud-based service, specific electronic signage features and general digital signage topics, including installation, content design and visitor/employee communication recommendations.

These training clips are targeted to individual digital signage topics and are designed for both resellers and customers to complement StrandVision’s scheduled Webinar training sessions that offer a broad overview of StrandVision’s capabilities and how to use the company’s online portal Content Management System (CMS). Pages on the StrandVision Web site also include links to specific training videos, when appropriate.

“The StrandVision 30-minute Webinars are designed to help them utilize more of the system with a minimal investment in time,” commented Mike Strand, StrandVision founder and CEO. “Plus the always available YouTube clips are designed to further enhance StrandVision's ease-of-use by offering step-by-step demonstrations of genera- to-advanced functions including videos, databases, and importing from the Web.”

The StrandVision Basic Digital Signage Webinars are free of charge to anyone and scheduled on the second Tuesday at 12:00 Noon Eastern and the third Thursday at 3:00 PM Eastern of each month.

Registration is at: More advanced

Webinars on various topics are also frequently scheduled and can be found on the same sign-up page. Once registered for free electronic signage training, email reminders with instructions on how to connect to the meeting are emailed a day and an hour before the Webinar.

The YouTube videos are available on demand at:

Some videos have already been posted with new entries added weekly. Subscribe to the channel to receive reminders as new videos are posted.

In addition to supplemental videos accompanying press announcements, here is the schedule of training videos available and what’s planned for the balance of the year:

Welcome to the video channel

Get 30 days free with the test drive

Free digital signage webinars

Ways to contact StrandVision

Pricing options, getting a proposal and how to purchase

Overview of the StrandVision Web site operation

Key areas to review on the public Web site

The Hyatt Hotels portal

Benefits of becoming a reseller or affiliate

Logging into your account and the summary status screen

The "Your Company" menu (location, business hours/time zone)

An overview of StrandVision locations/display groups

How to manage your people/employee pages for automatic birthday anniversary display

Managing authorized StrandVision administrators (change your info, add others, specific screen location access)

Configuring your company's preference settings (user mode, all settings, background music)

Ways to view your signage (including sharing via email)

Installing signage on a Windows PC

Installing the preconfigured StrandVision R360 Linux PC

Mounting a TV screen to the wall

Setting up a news crawl across the bottom of the signage screen


StrandVision's Digital Signage Highlighting Feature

StrandVision Digital Signage announced a visitor and employee communication enhancement that highlights new pages and updates to existing pages with color-coded borders in order to alert viewers that new digital signage content is being displayed.

StrandVision People Pages Content for Digital Signage

StrandVision Digital Signage introduced an enhanced “People” database import capability to enable its subscribers to easily add and edit pages that feature employees, associates, members and visitors using various digital signage reporting options that automatically select and display people based on the birthday or anniversary dates assigned to each person.

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StrandVision People Pages for Digital Signage

StrandVision Digital Signage now offers custom “People” electronic signage pages to make it easy for companies and organizations to automatically call up individuals or groups in order to feature employees’ and members’ birthdays, anniversaries and other events or accomplishments.

StrandVision Digital Signage for McLean

StrandVision LLC today announced that McLean Implement Inc. has deployed StrandVision Digital Signage displays at several of its agricultural equipment stores. The installations, supported by Leslie Enterprises Inc., also of Albion, provide information to customers at McLean’s parts counters and service areas.