CAYIN Debuts Digital Signage Players -

CAYIN Debuts Digital Signage Players

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Taipei City, Taiwan--CAYIN will present new digital signage players for the first time at booth 10P116, Integrated Systems Europe 2012.

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The media players are smaller, lighter, and energy-saving, according to the company. The exhibition will be held in RAI Exhibition Centre, Amsterdam, the Netherlands from January 31 to February 2nd.

In ISE 2012, CAYIN will debut a new generation of digital signage players for both high-end and entry-level users. The new developments strengthen its existing product line and provide users with more choices in accordance with different project requirements.
The following products highlight the key theme of CAYIN’s exhibition during ISE:

High-end Digital Signage Player – SMP-WEBDUO
SMP-WEBDUO features its capability to playback 1080p Full HD video and control two screens simultaneously. Compared to the old model, new SMP-WEBDUO goes smaller and lighter. It reduces the size by one quarter and sheds half of the weight as well to facilitate installation in different venues. The new player also adds an HDMI connector and the video-in function to increase your enjoyment.

Entry-level Digital Signage Player - SMP-200
SMP-200 is the first RISC-based digital signage player in CAYIN’s product line. The compact player is 19.6 (W) x 12.3 (D) x 3.3 (H) cm and weights only 655g. It is also extremely energy-saving. The maximum power consumption is less than 6W. The zone-type digital signage player can playback video, image, ticker, and clock in seven zones.

Digital Signage Player with Price/Performance Value – SMP-WEB4
SMP-WEB4 supports most popular web languages and HD content. It features the video-in function, and thus enabling users to play real-time video by directly connecting to a TV tuner, DVD player, or other multimedia devices. It can also be extended to integrate with databases, web servers, RFID devices, barcode scanners, and touch screens and develops more interactive applications.


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