PlayNetwork Unveils Matrox Video Wall in London Lingerie Store -

PlayNetwork Unveils Matrox Video Wall in London Lingerie Store

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Matrox Mura MPX Series video wall controller boards were selected to drive two installations at a high-profile London lingerie store, including a two-story video wall.

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In-store multimedia solutions provider PlayNetwork was contracted to enhance the in-store shopping experience of customers. This was accomplished through digital content displayed on the 30-monitor store centerpiece, and on a second, eight-monitor wall. Powered by a mix of Matrox Mura MPX-4/4, Mura MPX-4/2, and Mura MPX-4/0 boards, which feature HD-resolution inputs and outputs and high-performance, PCI Express x16 architecture, the two video walls are hard to miss.

The display walls are controlled using a Matrox-compatible Crestron 2-Series Control System and a rack-mounted Apple iPad, for ease of use. From the iPad, telnet commands are sent through the Mura Network Programming Interface (API) and then to the Mura MPX boards that power each of the walls. As a result, on-screen content — such as video feeds to fashion shows and behind-the-scenes commercial footage — is easily managed and displayed.

“The Matrox Mura-based video walls contribute to the overall immersive customer experience,” said PlayNetwork EMEA managing director Dharmendra Patel. “Mura’s flexible board design and the degree of control enabled through its Network API were key factors in the success of our installation.”


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Matrox Video Wall at Mall of the Emirates

Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates, one of the largest shopping centers in the Middle East, is now home to a 54-monitor video wall powered by Matrox Mura MPX Series controller boards. Installed by ALMOE AV Systems and integrated by a local distributor, the wall displays dynamic digital signage content aimed at the 30-million-plus shoppers visiting the mall every year.

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Matrox Mura API Digital Signage Video Walls

Matrox Graphics Inc. today released the immediate availability of a new version of Matrox Mura Network API for Mura MPX video wall controller boards. The updated API lets ISVs add eye-catching transitions and effects to their video wall software. It also provides a high-performance HTML5 renderer that enables integration of social media, weather information, animations and other online data feeds into digital signage.