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Haivision Builds Integrated Digital Signage and Video Network for DSI

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DSI specializes in mobile technology applications for enterprises, with thousands of customers across 50 countries. With new offices, DSI wanted to build a state-of-the-art facility that could help recruit new talent and provide a showcase for the company’s technologies. DSI also wanted to increase collaboration between their offices worldwide and embarked on redesigning its office space and network to foster better communication with in-office employees and remote workers. Looking to build an integrated digital signage and video network, DSI turned to Haivision.

DSI wanted to fully utilize its new office space by combining both its customized video content and cable television channels within a common system. Both customized and cable content would be displayed in common areas, on employee desktops, and mobile devices utilizing a single digital signage system. Containing important information for employees, access to these channels would be essential to productivity. Employees working remotely, including their national sales force and international offices, would also need access to the customized channel to stay up-to-date with the current status at headquarters.

DSI worked with Mission Electronics, Inc. (MEI), AV systems integrator and design specialists based in Kansas City. Haivision’s CoolSign digital signage system was selected by MEI for customized content creation and digital signage display. DSI also chose Haivision’s Furnace to manage and deliver custom and cable channels and provide on-site employees content via the InStream player on their desktops. 10 Makito encoders take live broadcast channels from their cable provider and their own custom-content from the CoolSign players and distribute it over the network via Furnace. Meanwhile, a Haivision KulaByte Internet encoder streams high quality custom channels live to remote employees over the Internet.

Today, DSI benefits from the Haivision system to deliver tailored content to employees and visitors using a single integrated system. Digital channels are branded, have RSS feeds, weather, visitor information, pictures and many other customized features. DSI can now reinforce sales and performance targets to employees with Salesforce integration. They can also promote relevant content to visiting prospects, educate employees on product messaging, and broadcast any important events that to DSI teams globally.


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