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SPEED Digital Signage Training Through DSEG

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The SPEED Digital Signage Business Training Program, developed and delivered by Digital Signage industry analyst, advisor and educator Lyle Bunn is now available for self-paced, online learning through the Digital Signage Expert Group (DSEG).

SPEED II provides a holistic perspective with focus on the business elements involved in “making Digital Signage happen.” The program “gets professionals up to speed” quickly to maximize success in areas of the planning, design and operation of corporate or ad-based Dynamic Signage projects. The practical, structured approaches minimize project resourcing and risk while assuring sustainable success of place-based communications. 

“The business focus of SPEED makes it an excellent compliment to current DSEG training programs which provide in-depth focus on the technological aspects” notes DSEG Chair Alan Brawn, adding “SPEED illustrates the inter-relationship of elements in the highly informative and information-rich manner for which Lyle, who has advised on hundreds of projects, has become well-known.”

The 4 hour, self-paced, online SPEED program is comprised of nine (9) chapters presented in studio-quality audio by Lyle Bunn and over 200 graphic-rich powerpoint slides with 18 media clips that help to illustrate key points for instruction and direction. Chapters include Digital Signage Uses and Directions, Objective-setting for Highest ROI, Advancing the Project, Designing the Digital Signage Network, Financial Elements/Considerations, Content Strategy and Composition, Analytics and Metrics, Advertising Revenues and other Best Sources of Additional Information.

Targeting Digital Place-based project team members and suppliers, at a price of $195 (effective until September 30, 2012), the training program offers excellent value to project managers, providers of marketing and staff communications services (internally or in media/ad agencies) and suppliers of digital signage elements, static signage and media. 

Providers of integration services, technology and service elements, media, static signs and digital graphics will particularly benefit from the training program, that has been delivered live to more than 2500 professionals over the past two years.

See www.DSEG.org or www.lylebunn.com/Pages/speed.aspx


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