Crestron Launches Green Light Integrated Switching Panel -

Crestron Launches Green Light Integrated Switching Panel

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Crestron has launched its new Green Light Integrated Switching Panel (GL-IPAC-SW8), designed to provide affordable and reliable performance for smaller lighting systems.

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Supporting up to 8 circuits of lighting loads, the GL-IPAC-SW8 features inputs for keypads, occupancy sensors, and photo sensors, plus an LCD display for easy system setup.

GL-IPAC-SW8 is designed for a wide range of applications, including retail stores, small office spaces, parking garages, and service stations, which typically require only ON/OFF switching. It delivers the simple switching functionality needed by smaller systems and eliminates the expense of larger switching panels.

Compact yet versatile, GL-IPAC-SW8 easily integrates with Crestron automation solutions, enabling system managers to centrally monitor and remotely control lights in multiple locations. Adding remote keypads and a Crestron control system provide optimal performance, efficiency and functionality that saves money long-term.

Preconfigured for use as the central control system for a Crestron Green Light Power Switching system, or as a secondary processor when part of a larger system, the GL-IPAC-SW8 is easy to install, configure and put to use, the company says.

GL-IPAC-SW8 can support up to 64 switched loads, 16 local and two remote keypads, 24 occupancy and 24 photo sensors, eight contact enclosures, one override input, and 100 time clock events. Designed to work with Crestron keypads with as many as 12 buttons each, it can easily be programmed to control lighting loads and other functions.

Built-in support for occupancy and photocell sensors helps users strike a balance between daylight harvesting and comfort, reducing energy costs. Automatically turn lights ON/ OFF using the built-in astronomical time clock feature or based on specific events, room occupancy, and ambient light levels. Crestron Green Light Series sensors can be placed strategically in each space to maximize the benefits of energy management.

Settings, such as time clock events, ON/OFF timeouts, and occupancy triggers, may be adjusted directly from the front panel LCD display and push-buttons. There's no need for special programming. End-users can easily make changes when necessary.

Packaged in one UL-listed metal enclosure, the GL-IPAC-SW8 can be deployed in small areas such as the plenum space above dropped ceilings. The surface-mount GL-IPAC-SW8 can be affixed to a wall or ceiling rafter, cleanly out of sight. Standard wire-entry knockouts are provided.


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