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What Prevents Your Organization From Doing More Webcasts?

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What Prevents You From Doing More Webcasts?

  1. Nothing. We do regular Webcasts
  2. Lack of time
  3. Unsure of project coordination
  4. Bandwidth concerns
  5. Budget
  6. Troubleshooting is too difficult
  7. Technology is too confusing
  8. Webcasts do not impact our bottom line


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Six Things You Need to Know About Webcasting

Now that the costs are reasonable, the technology friendly, and the hosting services hassle free, it's hard to resist the benefits of webcasts. The demand for webcasting is growing. The worldwide market for real time conferencing and team collaboration softwareBy Joanna L. Krotz

Joey D'Angelo


by Joey D'AngeloThe most critical phase of an AV project is its completion. The perceived long term success of an AV project often depends on the how the final stages of it are handled. Whether your project consists of a single room

What Do You Mean, AV over IP? promo image

What Do You Mean, AV over IP?

The phrase “AV over IP” is thrown around a lot. But what does it really mean in commercial AV installations today? Put simply, AV over IP is about sending uncompressed audio and video information over standard IP mediums. Put a little bit more complexly, it can also mean encoding the sources and streaming the content with some compression to mitigate bitrate over IP mediums. But ultimately, it means providing extension and switching of video and audio sources over standard IP.

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From Primitive to Professional

Since being incorporated in 2001, the City of Aliso Viejo, CA, has recorded its city council meetings using a single microphone and a cassette tape recorder; nothing else. So when the city decided to build an updated council chamber inside its existing office space, the council seized the opportunity to bring their AV system up to by James Careless

What Shoppers Say - And What They Do

  By Scott Young, Perception Research Services   As marketers recognize the importance of point-of-sale, they want to better understand shoppers' needs, priorities, and behavior at-retail. Specifically, they want to know how purchase decisions are made - and how to consistently influence shoppers in the aisle. Meaningful insights can come from directly asking people about their shopping habits.

Free Webcast on Case Study

In a free Webinar this Thursday, attendees will explore putting together a successful “voice of the customer” feedback program. The webcast will be a best practices review with real world examples from Brent Skaggs, CEO of restaurant chain Hayden’s Bar and Grill. Design and Implementation of a successful VOC program