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SMS Outdoor Cabinet

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The What: The SMS Outdoor Cabinet is a new generation of Media Cabinets, designed for outdoor and semi-outdoor use. The product can cope with dust, rough placings and great variations in climate.

The What Else: Created in aluminum to reduce weight and make installation easier. Dust- & water resistant, vandal proof. Version 1: 0 to +35°C, Version 2: -30 to +35°C, Version 3: 0 to +55°C. Size: from 47” & 55”, will be complemented with more sizes.


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Peerless Fully-Sealed Outdoor Displays

Ideal for public transit, stadiums, zoos, amusement parks, marinas, restaurant patios, cruise ships and more, the Peerless-AV Xtreme displays are capable of year-round outdoor digital signage with Peerless-AV’s weatherproof technology.