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Capital Networks Appoints Broadcast Media Specialist

  • Capital Networks Limited has appointed Broadcast Media specialist, Blake Reeves, as Manager of Business Development. Blake has been assisting customers to purchase and manage technology based projects for almost 20 years, including managing large scale digital signage implementations for major international organizations. He will spearhead Capital Networks drive into new sectors, and will initially focus on the Education Market, where a growing number of universities, large schools and regional school districts are looking to digital signage to improve communication across wide-reaching audiences and complex campus layouts in a cost-effective and efficient deployment.
  • Blake Reeves has held senior management roles at leading technology and broadcast media companies including JD Edwards where he was National ERP Technology Strategist for Canada, and OM Video where he held the post of VP and Director of Sales and Digital Signage. In these roles he built up valuable sales, project management and implementation experience in large scale software deployments including projects in ERP, CRM, VOIP, Unified Communications, Digital Signage messaging and advertising applications, to support his new role at CNL.
  • Bil Trainor, President, Capital Networks Ltd, commented: "We have a fundamental understanding of the challenges education establishments face when it comes to setting up a broadcast network: in particular, the need to synchronize information at a local, faculty level and at a campus-wide level too. We already work with a number of respected clients in the education sector – UCLA, Purdue University, Columbia University and Boston College to name just a few.
  • "Blake's extensive experience in broadcast media and digital signage will help us deliver our solutions to the growing number of establishments that want to create and display their own digital signage network and improve communication for staff and students."
  • Blake Reeves, Manager of Business Development at Capital Networks Ltd, said: "I first came to know CNL when I was a dealer, selling digital signage systems to organizations across a range of markets. Working with CNL was always a great experience because of the strength of its product and the skill of its staff. One thing that really sets CNL apart is the level of after-sales support provided: CNL doesn't just install the software and leave the organization to it. We work with all customers to ensure they create the content effectively. After all, if the content isn't right, no-one will look up at the screens, and if that happens, there's no point having digital signage. The combination of smart technology and excellent customer service makes CNL a field leader and I'm delighted to join the company and help grow its market share in key markets, such as education."