Screen Excellence And StJohn Group Jointly Announce Strategic Partnership

BELLINGHAM, WA--U See, Ltd., owners of Screen Excellence, a line of acoustically transparent, moiré free projection screens, announced their intention to form a partnership with StJohn Group, exclusive North American distributor of AV products for the custom installation market.

The Screen Excellence line, already marketed in Europe, will be launched by StJohn Group at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Screen Excellence manufactures in the UK, a complete line of fixed, motorized and masking screens for a variety of high performance home theater applications. These acoustically transparent screens incorporate innovative engineering to prevent visual moiré commonly found with digital projectors as well as the reflection of light back through the screen.

The company's patent-pending motorized screens pay particular attention to the design of the tensioning to provide a totally flat projection surface free of any ripples. A built-in channel on the frame of the fixed frames provides an area for bias lighting, dramatically extending the perceived contrast ratio.

Kevin Leja, president of StJohn Group said, "We are extremely proud to be partnering with Patrice Congard, CEO and founder of U See, Ltd. He is the originator of the modern acoustically transparent screen concept. Together with his engineering expertise and pioneering efforts in this field, plus our knowledge and experience building the AT screen market in North America over the past four years, we are an unbeatable team."

Leja went on to add, "Our goal with Screen Excellence is to position the cost of acoustically transparent screens to the point where they are close in price to non-AT screens that were designed for high definition sources and 1080 projection. Given the option, and with little or no price difference, why would anyone not want to place their center speaker or L, C, and R speakers behind the screen, where they belong? Screen Excellence products will make the decision to go AT or not, pretty much a moot point."

According to John Caldwell, co-founder and sales director for StJohn Group, "Screen Excellence is a high quality brand committed to providing the custom installation and commercial markets with the highest level of customer service available for their video projection needs. With StJohn Group, we are not just concerned with how the picture looks. Rather, through our products and personal service, we are committed to providing specialists with the ability to reconcile the entire audio and video experience for their discerning clients."

During CES in Las Vegas this coming week, StJohn Group will be debuting the Screen Excellence line along with their other premium brands Artcoustic, Cabasse, Cineversum, and iSky Panels at the Tuscany Hotel, 255 East Flamingo just west of Paradise Road.


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