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Sennheiser Evolution Wireless D1 App Now Available

Sennheiser Evolution Wireless D1 App Now Available

At prolight+sound in Frankfurt, Germany, Sennheiser introduced an app for remotely controlling its evolution wireless D1 radio microphone systems. The WSR app converts an iPad or iPhone into a handy remote control for digital D1 systems, assisting in the configuration, management and monitoring of radio links. The app is currently available from the Apple App Store.

The Sennheiser WSR app enables users to remote control a D1 wireless microphone systems via iPhone or iPad.

“The free WSR app allows bands and musicians to conveniently control their D1 systems remotely,” said Martin Fischer, product manager for Sennheiser’s Live Performance & Music segment. “Whether setting up wireless systems or monitoring them during use—all it takes is a few simple flicks of the finger to change the settings of one device or entire groups.”

The WSR app automatically recognizes whether D1 microphone systems have up-to-date firmware on board and offers an update via the internet, if required. Via the app, users can conveniently adjust the settings of individual units or entire groups, controlling audio effects, network settings, and output signals on an iPhone or an iPad.

The WSR app will also turn an iOS device into a signal tester: when walking the stage with the device and the D1 transmitter, the transmission quality of the radio link is displayed in real time.

During a gig, the WSR app allows users to keep track of the battery status, sound levels, and signal strength in real time. To further simplify monitoring, the iPad version allows users to include photos for easy identification of the systems, and to arrange the positions of the systems on screen to correspond to the band members’ positions on stage.

“This app is a useful tool for all D1 users, and we hope they will benefit greatly from the ease of use and convenience it offers,” concluded Fischer.

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