SCN Top 50 Integrator Voices: Managed Services and Cloud Video Most Poised for 2015 Growth

SCN Top 50 Integrator Voices: Managed Services and Cloud Video Most Poised for 2015 Growth

[Editor’s Note: The following commentary was originally submitted in response to a questionnaire for SCN’s 2014 Top 50 Systems Integrators list. Check out the December print edition of SCN for the Top 50 list and more integrator commentary.]

What vertical markets and/or technologies exhibited the most growth for you in 2014, and why?

  • From a vertical perspective, we saw some of our biggest growth come from enterprise account sales. Many large corporate concerns are benefiting from the positive economic environment and are investing in technologies that increase workplace productivity. HB’s extensive solution set helps these clients execute on their internal and external communication goals.
  • From a technology perspective we have seen growth in every area including AV, unified communications, digital media, broadcast, managed services, and live event production. However managed services grew the most as more clients are seeing the value in outsourcing many support aspects of their technology ecosystem to maximize the return on their significant investment.

What vertical markets and/or technologies do you predict exhibiting the most growth in 2015, and why?

I believe managed services and cloud based video communications solutions have the greatest growth opportunity. Managed services, again, so clients can fully leverage their technology investments, and cloud video solutions because for many organizations, Cloud is an easy and cost efficient way of implementing and utilizing video. Cloud will also play a larger role in companies that already have a significant video infrastructure because it allows for creative hybrid solutions in extending the video footprint.

What was the biggest business challenge of 2014, and how have you overcome it?

The biggest challenge we are seeing is the trend toward shrinking timelines to complete projects. This along with the challenges growth itself brings means we have to look constantly on our internal processes and IT infrastructure to make sure that we are evolving to meet our clients needs. This will always be a work in progress.

Dana Barron is CEO of HB Communications, headquartered in North Haven, CT.