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3M Digital Signage Releases Fred Network version 2.0

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3M Digital Signage announces the release of FRED Network version 2.0. FRED Network 2.0 digital signage software provides the ability to distribute media files, schedule playlists, and monitor a network of digital signs from any Internet-connected computer.

FRED Network 2.0 augments and streamlines the user-friendly, reliable content and network management features FRED products for which it is known. Highlights include user interface enhancements for even easier use, functional improvements, fixes and optional content services to help optimize network performance.

Current users of FRED Network 1.1 will receive automatic upgrades and see these improvements the next time they log in.

Among the highlights of FRED Network version 2.0:
• Enhanced User Interface:
- New icons for playlists, calendars, players and locations
- Player status indicators verify network status at a glance
- New colors and graphics enhance user experience

• Functional improvements:
- Improved player hard drive management
- Streamlined player registration
- Enhanced content integrity verification
- Improved content file-type identification and playback
- Various performance enhancements and fixes

• Media Repository
- A new, powerful option that allows heavy content files to
be stored on in-house or local servers.

• Active Information Modules-
- Optional content offering enables scheduling of live content feeds such
as local weather, stocks, news, and sports.

3M Digital Signage offers the FRED suite of content management software. Every version of FRED lets customers use today’s standardized digital media files in their native formats, including Flash(tm), QuickTime(tm), Windows Media(tm), PowerPoint(tm), URLs, jpeg, gif, and High Definition Video.


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