Medialon Manager Helps Philips Stand Out At IFA -

Medialon Manager Helps Philips Stand Out At IFA

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BERLIN, GERMANY--Medialon Manager recently played a key role at the IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung) in Berlin providing the user interface for an extensive complement of show equipment in the Philips booth at IFA.

Philips offered IFA attendees a video experience in a specially-designed Ambilight dome where 82 Philips Cineos Ambilight flatscreen TVs combined with acrobatics, lights and multichannel audio in a seven-minute show repeated 24 times a day. On a stage with moving lifts, the New York dance group Pilobolus gave an artistic impression of Ambilight with a modern dance choreography. Medialon Manager controlled 83 synchronized Adtec Edje video players (82 for the show, one dedicated to 'next show' announcements outside the dome) and provided timecode for lighting, via a Wholehog 2 console, and sound, via a Digidesign Pro Tools system.

During the day the Philips show ran in a continuous loop; in case of an emergency the show could be stopped with the press of a button. Another button restarted the loop. A box with these two buttons and status LEDs served as the user interface; it connected to an Adlink Nudam 4 I/O interface which, in turn, was connected to COM1 of the Medialon PC. Both the LEDs and PC screen supplied status information and visual timecode. An Adrienne Timecode card provided timecode for the Wholehog 2 and Pro Tools. The first, or master, Edje video player of the cluster of 82 was controlled via ethernet. The Edje devoted to displaying 'next show' information was controlled by Medialon Manager. For more information visit


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