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Reflect Announces Partnership with TXT4CRM

Reflect Systems, a service provider of in-store digital media solutions including digital signage, has announced a strategic partnership with TXT4CRM, a technology platform and service provider of comprehensive mobile marketing engagement solutions.

The alliance enables both companies to equip their clients for the future of retailing, by offering multi-channel customer engagement solutions that change customer behavior through optimized merchandising and produce sales results.

"We partnered with Reflect because they have the technology, the experience and the trust of some of the largest U.S. retailers," said Carrie Chitsey, chief executive officer of TXT4CRM. "By developing more cohesive mobile and in-store media platforms with Reflect, we'll provide enhanced results for clients and help them achieve stronger connections with the shopper at the point of sale and beyond."

Using Reflect's ReflectView platform in conjunction with TXT4CRM's mobile solutions, retailers and brands can easily present and manage mobile engagement programs through i-store digital displays and interactive kiosks, in addition to delivering messages via text.

The cohesion of in-store digital media solutions with mobile marketing solutions allows companies to more effectively provide timely and targeted engagement with shoppers on their in-store and post-store shopping journeys.

"We're excited to join forces with TXT4CRM and look forward to advancing cutting edge solutions together," said Matt Schmitt, co-founder and chief executive officer of Reflect. "Our respective solutions are unique and proven game-changers, and combining the two strategies will be pivotal for our clients."

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