Revolabs And VBrick Join The Polycom Arena Program -

Revolabs And VBrick Join The Polycom Arena Program

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MAYNARD, MA AND WALLINGFORD, CT--Revolabs has signed an agreement to join the Polycom ARENA partner program. "Revolabs is pleased to be a part of Polycom's ARENA program," said Martin Bodley, Revolabs' president and chief executive officer. "In addition to the credibility that comes from teaming with an industry leader, Polycom and Revolabs can, together, provide better solutions, combine marketing efforts, and leverage the strengths of our collective distribution channels. We are experiencing great success with our Solo/Vortex bundles, which provide plug-n-play installed sound quality at a very competitive price, and we look forward to further such collaborations as we go forward with Polycom."

VBrick Systems has also signed an agreement to join Polycom's ARENA partner program to deliver an interoperable, combined ecosystem for education, government, and corporate customers. Polycom initiated the ARENA program to allow software application providers, hardware device manufacturers, and conferencing solution providers to integrate their products with Polycom's unified collaboration platform to create new applications.

The Integrated Video Conferencing and Streaming Ecosystem makes it possible for any Polycom video conferencing endpoint to be broadcast to virtually any where in an organization for viewing on desktops and displays. VBrick's unique technology virtually eliminates the hassles of scale caused by firewalls, bandwidth, or network capability.

"Corporate, education, and government customers are investing in solutions that improve productivity, accelerate decision making and lower costs, and through our involvement in the Polycom ARENA program, we are delivering integrated solutions that address these customer needs," said Rich Mavrogeanes, founder and CTO, VBrick Systems.

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