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NEC and Technovare OPS Option Cards

NEC Display Solutions of America has partnered with Technovare Systems, Inc., the introduction of four new single board computer (SBC) option cards for seamless integration with select NEC V, P and X Series displays.

Based on the Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) platform, an industry-wide standard for the design and development of digital signage, these internal SBC option cards feature 1.6 GHz AMD Dual Core Fusion (T56N) processors, which enable running multiple video formats and high-definition content at 1080p. The SBCs' smaller footprints also mean they can operate in thinner displays. These cost-effective solutions are targeted for applications in airports, healthcare, retail, quick-service restaurants, lobbies and other public venues.

"The graphics capabilities of these new OPS-based SBCs enable NEC screens to flourish with inspiring images and give digital signage operators a strategic advantage," said Rachel Karnani, Product Manager for Large-Screen Displays at NEC Display Solutions. "In today's competitive atmosphere, it is critical to be able to run different types of content and to give customers the flexibility to create diverse content best suited for their applications. The NEC/Technovare SBCs accomplish those goals."

"The SBCs were built with careful attention to innovation, performance and flexibility, as well as to the new OPS industry standard," said Barry Hsieh, Director of Sales for Technovare Systems. "NEC and Technovare are not just making strides in a very competitive digital signage arena with such offerings, but positioning themselves to capture new market share as well."

The OPS-based SBCs provide network access through the use of existing CAT5 network infrastructures, saving both time and money. In addition, their integration capability with select NEC displays makes them easier to install and remove for maintenance. Two of the SBCs come without operating systems, providing flexibility for those end-users who wish to run Linux or a different operating system.

The four new SBCs are as follows:
- SB-02SC-1 - OPS with AMD Dual Core Fusion 160GB Hard Drive, Windows 7 Professional license
- SB-02SC-2 - OPS with AMD Dual Core Fusion 32GB solid state drive, Windows 7 Professional license
- SB-02SC-3 - OPS with AMD Dual Core Fusion 160GB Hard Drive, no Operating System
- SB-02SC-4 - OPS with AMD Dual Core Fusion 32GB solid state drive, no Operating System

The products will be available for shipment in July 2011 at minimum advertised prices of $949, $949, $800, and $800, respectively, and come with a 3-year warranty.

For additional information about NEC Display Solutions of America monitors, consumers can call (866) NEC-MORE, or visit the website at