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MvixUSA Intros Affordable Digital Signage Solution

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Mvix(USA), Inc., a provider of high definition video playback systems, has announced the launch of its branded digital signage solution, Mvix DS Kit. Targeted specifically for small to medium business owners, Mvix DS Kit comes with the media player Mvix MV-5000R, upgraded with Mvixmatic timer for autorun/ auto-power features and a preinstalled hard disk of 250 GB.

“As the digital billboards and signages are fast becoming de-facto standards for in-store or out of home advertisement and marketing, we are excited to bring in this unique business solution,” commented Mike Mallon, the business development manager of Mvix(USA), Inc. “Our award winning hi def portable media players have become extremely popular in home entertainment segment over last three years and we are now extending our products and solutions for the mainstream business community.”

The Mvix media player takes advantage of the superior capabilities of Sigma chipset, including outstanding visual quality supported by leading-edge video [34] DIGITAL SIGNAGE MAGAZINE NEW PRODUCTS decoding technologies, the high resolution audio specifications and multiple options for connectivity to other computing systems and digital displays like plasma or LCD screen. With its affordable cost structure, and expansive features, it allows business owner and advertisers to preserve their ROI, and save on the operational and training costs required for very high-end signage systems. Mvix DS Kit comes without any extra cost of legacy configuration and replacement.

“With the price of large screen digital displays falling every day, there could not be a better time to launch this digital signage solution which is priced very comfortably at $299. Small to medium businesses can now easily install a complete signage system for a low cost and can market their products and services like never before,” said Mallon.

Mvix is also offering services in customizing multimedia content for the digital signage systems that can come preloaded in the installed hard disk. The contents vary from slideshows to high def videos and multimedia presentations.

Mvix has plans to introduce few more models for digital signage media playback systems over next couple of months.

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