RAVENNA Partners Welcome Audinate to AES67 Standard

With the announcement that Audinate has now delivered its AES67-enabled firmware to its OEM partners in order to offer AES67 compatibility with their DANTE protocol, the RAVENNA community welcomes them to the world of interoperability the company created five years ago.

  • “This is great news for users, who can now interconnect audio devices using RAVENNA, Q-Lan, Livewire, and finally Dante,” said Andreas Hildebrand at ALC NetworX, which developed RAVENNA. AES67 cannot be used on its own — it simply allows audio protocols to talk to each other, so manufacturers that want to enjoy the interoperability of AES67 need to choose a protocol that is AES67-compliant to fit into their products.

“We always intended that many different protocols should provide AES67 compatibility in order to offer the system designer and/or end-user as wide a choice as possible,” said Hildebrand. “Audinate offers a paid-for solution and we offer ours freely, but users may now benefit from using both protocols — and indeed all other AES67-compatible protocols — in the same installation.”

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