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LMG Adds Line Array Systems

  • LMG, Inc., a national provider of video, audio and lighting support, recently purchased 24 MICA self-powered line array speaker systems. Manufactured by Meyer Sound, the MICA system provides requisite quality and versatility for LMG.
  • The MICA system enables LMG to deliver the highest quality sound reinforcement especially in midsized venues with limited space. The MICA, which is a mid-sized line array system, serves as an excellent substitute for larger line array systems when size and weight are a concern, explained Kevin Bridges, LMGs audio services manager. Its power-to-size ratio is staggering.
  • In addition, LMG acquired a SIM3 Audio Analyzer system and two Galileo 616 processors to manage MICA as well as non-Meyer loudspeaker systems. The Galileo, Meyers first digital processing device, packs an incredible amount of processing power into a compact space. Integrating directly with the SIM3 system, the Galileo provides an effortless aligning process.
  • In separate news, LMG recently aided in the filming of several outdoor events including Regis & Kelly at Animal Kingdom, and The Wonderful World of Disney and Americas Funniest Home Videos at the Magic Kingdom. LMG provided portable tape preview stations, large Plasma screens, green screen packages and LMGs new 1800 NTS Outsider 15 LCD teleprompting system.
  • The 1800 NTS Outsider, a portable jib arm mountable lens-view LCD teleprompting system, is the brightest 15 prompter on the market. It enables LMG to provide the best possible solution for teleprompting outside programs and events available today. This prompter is recommended for outside shoots it is six times brighter than a conventional CRT screen and weighs only 18 pounds.
  • For more information regarding LMG, please call Les Goldberg at (407) 850-0505 or visit