Quince Imaging Brings Projection Mapping to the NBA, NHL

Once a special attraction during NBA and NHL games, projection mapping on an arena’s basketball court or ice rink has become a permanent part of the image presentation experience for fans. Quince Imaging has been a leader in making projection mapping the norm for sports fans these days, using Lightware matrix switchers to facilitate the process at arenas in the United States and Canada. Lightware USA is the U.S. distributor for Budapest-based Lightware Visual Engineering products.

  • Quince Imaging is headquartered in Washington, D.C., where it creates architectural and widescreen image projection and 3D interactive video content for events. “We use Lightware exclusively in all our integrations and special events rental business, including the just concluded NBA All-Star Game at New York City’s Madison Square Garden,” said Quince Imaging COO, Scott Williams. “For the All-Star Game we delivered 4K content using eight projectors blended and pixel mapped to the court.”
  • Quince Imaging is responsible for designing, installing, and maintaining the first permanent projection mapping systems for the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Atlanta Hawks plus the NHL’s New Jersey Devils.
  • “We push 4K content to our projection arrays in the arenas. Our source is the Coolux Pandoras Box media server, which sends simultaneous DVI to the projection array,” Williams explained. “Everything has to be synched and transmitted to fiber. Because it’s such a high-profile use with no opportunity for a second take, we have a back up system inline and auto fail over. We use the Lightware switcher to be able to route any of the server’s input arrays to any of the projectors’ output arrays. That enables us to create a more streamlined array at a favorable price.”
  • He notes that Lightware switchers are the only products he’s found that can meet all of the requirements of arena projection mapping. “We also use a number of Lightware’s DVI over fiber transmit and receive units,” Williams added. “We own our Lightware gear and appreciate the company’s customer support, which is very strong.”
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