Anti Glare Film Enhances Digital Displays -

Anti Glare Film Enhances Digital Displays

Publish date: adds anti reflection films to their line of digital sign age products.

With the growing use of projection film in today’s digital signage market the things combated are sunlight and window glare, Even the best projection films on the market can suffer from the effects of reflection on windows.

Window glare is one of the biggest challenges to getting a clear bright image in daylight and even night viewing of projection films and foils, Anti glare film will help you to ensure viewable images without the glare on your windows. has made it easy to add an anti reflection film to any order ensuring clear bright images from any window display.

Adding a anti reflection film to your window when used with projection films or even LCD and Plasma displays will ensure bright, high contrast displays free from reflection and glare.

“Our goal is to make it easy to purchase the most cutting edge digital signage and interactive products on the web today” Says Noah, national sales manager for projection

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