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Almo Offers Casio's Lamp-Free Projectors

Philadelphia, PA--Almo Professional AV now offers Casio America’s complete collection of “Lamp-Free” commercial projectors that use Laser and LED hybrid light source technology for mercury-free high brightness at a fraction of the operating cost of traditional projectors.

Casio has also joined the elite list of manufacturers exhibiting on Almo’s E4 AV training and networking tour, with the next event taking place in New York City on October 27.

“The lamp-free Casio projectors simplify the install and maintenance of any projector application and that makes them an attractive option – and one that we needed to be able to offer our partner community,” said Sam Taylor, executive vice president and COO for Almo. “The Casio booth has drawn a considerable amount of attention on our E4 Fall 2011 tour as attendees learn about how the Hybrid Light Source technology makes the projectors not only affordable, but also part of the whole Green AV movement being discussed during E4.”

“Having Casio’s ‘Lamp-Free’ Hybrid Light Source projectors available through Almo Pro AV is the best way for us to get them into the hands of dealers, integrators and consultants who always have to be looking for new ways to bring their customers projector simplicity, value and environmental responsibility,” said John Tracy, Eastern zone manager, Business Products Division, Casio America. “We couldn’t have envisioned a better forum to share our ‘Lamp-Free’ projectors than on Almo Pro AV’s E4 tour. The event is productive with a high caliber of professionals and attendees in the house. We look forward to more great networking at E4 New York City.”

Casio’s Laser and LED Hybrid Light Source provides lamp-free, earth-friendly, low maintenance data projection at a fraction of the operating cost of traditional projectors. By eliminating the use of mercury lamps, they allow for an estimated life span of about 20,000 hours, saving the average user $800 after 6,000 hours of use when compared to traditional mercury lamps, according to the company.

The Casio projectors utilize a combination of Lasers and LEDs to create the blue, green and red light that is projected through a DLP chip, which, in turn, is passed through the projection lens to form an image. This light source technology achieves an increase in the color spectrum compared with a mercury lamp, while lowering a projector’s total cost of ownership.

Almo Pro AV carries Casio’s full range of “Lamp-Free” Light Source projectors, including the Slim Line, Signature, Pro and Short Throw Models.

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