Digital Signage Network Operator Webinar

Digital Signage Network Operator Webinar

DSF-BUNN Network Operator Bootcamp: Defining & Refining Communication Goals

An estimated 20 million displays are currently operational across North America in thousands of corporate and brand networks and over 400 ad-based networks. Each and every display is expected to achieve multiple communications goals, typically for multiple end users.

Nothing is more important than the return where investment and objectives overlap, yet limited documentation is publically available as benchmark data or ROI case study.

This webinar will provide a portrait of the science and art of achieving of digital signage ROI along with the rules of ROI, which when obeyed, assure the achievement of communications, marketing and business goals by dynamic location-based display.

Network growth challenges were addressed in the inaugural webinar in this series on June 19th. In this second in the year-long series of free monthly webinars aimed at accelerating digital signage network growth for corporate, brand, ad-based and hybrid network operators, the education focus on ways of refining communications goals in order to maximize network value and ROI.

Day to day operations can distract from efforts and processes that enable continuous improvement, even resulting in a marginalizing of the digital signage network. This does not need to happen, nor does the improvement process need to be labor, time or cost intensive.

This “how to” session will outline the process to “move the needle” on the value that both end users and the network operator can realize from outcome-based operational review.

This session will define approaches these imperatives while setting the stage for approaches and remedies that will be addressed more fully in future webinars in this series. These include:

• Value is everything (Return on Investment, Objectives and Time)
• Outcome versus intention
• “Changing the tires” while going 100 miles per hour
• Improving outcomes without changing expectations
• “Right-positioning” your digital signage network
• The freedom that limited data offers the network operator

This is very much a “how to” series that will offer actionable insights to the operators and suppliers of networks that are shopper, prospect, visitor, traveler, staff and student facing.

You will learn:

• Why you have to think differently
• How ROI is a vaccine or antidote for network malaise
• How “same old” and business as usual is a killer
• Better approaches in customer management
• When to engage in outcome improvement discussions
• Ways to better position the unique capabilities of your network
• Where action may be required on your part to activate network growth

This webinar will take place on July 17, 2013 from 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. Eastern. Click here for registration.

About the Presenter:

  • Lyle Bunn, BUNN Co., dynamic signage industry analyst, advisor and educator, producer and moderator of this series, will present this initial webinar. He has assisted hundreds of networks, brands and suppliers to maximize their results from digital signage. He has published over 250 articles and whitepapers on related subjects and presents regularly in webinars, conference and end user events. He serves on the advisory boards of the industry’s primary events and on several judging panels of its major awards programs.
  • Registrants are invited to submit questions in advance to

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