New Report on Business Metrics for Rental Segment -

New Report on Business Metrics for Rental Segment

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The Stimson Group of Dallas, TX has released the 2011 Rental & Staging Business Metric Survey Report.

Each year, Stimson surveys business leaders in the Live Events and Rental Production segments on key performance metrics. The latest report compares results from 2010 and 2011. This year’s findings include a significant resurgence in the sub-rental market. This trend bodes well for companies that rely on B2B rentals, but also for manufacturers that sell into these channels. Additional data highlights direct expenses, net profit, EBITDA, and capital budgets for a variety of companies in the segment.

Many companies have already applied the report to their businesses. “The survey has allowed me to create a strategy with our management team to overcome areas where we may not be performing as well as other companies,” said John Watts, vice president, Rental Services, AVI-SPL.

Tom Stimson, president of The Stimson Group, said, “This report contains the types of information that I would have found very helpful when I was managing companies. My clients rely on good data to help them make better decisions. Now, any manager that is focused on results can have access to that same data.”

The report is available for purchase online at


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The Stimson Group of Dallas, TX has released the 2012 Rental & Staging Business Metric Survey. The 44 page report reviews Profit and Loss statistics and key metrics from the Live Events and Rental Production segments for fiscal year 2012 with highlights on direct costs, overhead expenses, net profit, EBITDA, and capital budgets.

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