Prysm Video Wall for Under Armour -

Prysm Video Wall for Under Armour

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Prysm Inc., manufacturer of total display solutions, announced the installation of a Prysm video wall at Baltimore-based athletic apparel company Under Armour. Located in a central open space at Under Armour’s global headquarters in Baltimore, MD, the 18ft wide by 9ft high video wall serves as focal point for campaign planning, brand messaging and VIP events.

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The 162 square foot Prysm video wall sits in Under Armour's global headquarters
The interactive Prysm video wall provides a 162 square foot digital canvas that combines video, live feeds and sports imagery. The wall uses touch to allow users to interact with any content on screen that can be resized, repositioned and annotated.

Jack Taylor, senior project consultant at the Sextant Group said, “the Prysm video wall was selected for its superior ability to communicate the Under Armour brand through the combination of interactivity and support of a broad range of media. It delivers the wow-factor in an experience that is truly jaw-dropping.”

Avitecture, the AV integrator on the project, helped design and install the video wall at Under Armour. “Working closely with Prysm, we’ve delivered a solution with unrivaled collaboration capabilities and beautiful visuals that will engage audiences like no other,” said Bruce Pittman, vice president of sales and marketing.


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Prysm Video Wall at Wipro Center

Prysm, Inc., a privately held designer of total display solutions, announced the installation of a Cascade 117 collaboration video wall solution at the Wipro Customer Experience Center (CEC) in Mountain View, California.

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Prysm for IAC High-Resolution Video Wall

The Frank Gehry-designed IAC HQ is home to many of IAC’s Internet and media companies, and now features a super high-resolution video wall using Prysm’s Laser Phosphor Display (LPD), a display technology using low-power, solid–state lasers.

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UNLV Installs Planar Video Wall in Fitness Center

The University of Nevada Las Vegas has installed a Planar Systems Inc. Clarity Matrix LCD Video Wall System for a large video wall installation to motivate students at the university’s fitness center to get into shape as they watch on-screen workout programs.

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LG Video Wall at World's Second Largest Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium executives turned to LG Electronics to recreate a live exhibit with video wall. The Aquarium installed 36 LG 55-inch Full HD Video Wall Displays inside of an emptied acrylic aquarium, which formerly housed “The Wall of Fish” exhibit.