New Products November 2008

New Products November 2008


Mitsubishi has introduced its FL6900U projector. The FL6900U offers a combination of 4,000 lumens with full 1080p high-definition resolution. The projector provides RS232 support for compatibility with third-party control systems. Using three robust 1.1-inch 3LCD inorganic panels that are durable, the FL6900U operates quietly at an approximate 29-dB level. It also provides estimated lamp life of up to 4,000 hours. The FL6900U can create side-by-side images for enhanced videoconferencing applications that include a live video feed and simultaneous presentations on the same screen. At 4,000 ANSI lumens, the projector works for large venues where ambient light can be a factor. The FL6900U is now available at $9,995. Visit

Crown Audio has released the extended XLS 5000 amplifiers. Delivering 1,800 watts per channel in 4-ohm stereo mode and 5,000 watts in 4-ohm bridge-mono mode, the XLS 5000 is housed in a rugged, 3U, all-steel chassis. The XLS 5000 is equipped with a forced-air fan to prevent excessive thermal buildup. The front panel sports dual rotary level controls, a power switch with accompanying LED, and six additional LEDs that indicate signal, clip, and fault for each channel. Rear panel connections include two electronically balanced XLR inputs as well as touch-proof binding post and Speakon outputs. It is available now for $1,399. Visit FLAT PANEL DISPLAYS

VIZIO has released four new high-performance full HD 1080p LCD flat panel displays in 32- and 37-inch sizes. VIZIO has also released two additional models based on the popular VIZIO "VO" series of products. The VO32LF-32- LCD and VO37LF-37-inch LCD are now full HD 1080p. VIZIO's updated VO series LCD sets provide full HD 1920 x 1080 native resolution with a 6500:1 contrast ratio with DCR, fast 6.5ms refresh rates, a wide 178-degree viewing angle, and high 500 nits brightness. All four new models provide three HDMI v1.3 inputs; two on the rear panel and a third on the HD Game port located on the side of the set. U.S. prices on these LCDs are $849.99 for the 37-inch displays, and $649.99 for the 32-inch models. Visit PANEL MOUNTS

Atdec's TH-37-63-AWM flat-panel mount allows for a vast range of motion, including lateral movement, a 180-degree pan from the wall, an adjustable tilt of ±15 degrees, and a low profile design that folds flat against the wall. The TH-37-63- AWM is designed for mounting LCD and plasma displays and monitors 37 inches to 63 inches and up to 200 pounds. It features twin-articulating arms, providing strength and greater adjustment capabilities. The TH-37-63-AWM offers a springsupported tilting mechanism and lateral arm adjustment at the wall plate that allows the arm to be mounted offset from the center of the wall plate. It is now available at an MSRP of $599. Visit SWITCHER

Kramer Electronics has released its VP-727xl In-CTRL seamless switcher. The unit is designed for use in presentation applications that require a preview option or that require seamless switching between inputs using special effects, cuts, and fades. The VP-727xl In-CTRL is equipped with dual scalers, which offer preview and program output channels and can switch seamlessly frame-to-frame between two sources. The VP-727xl offers eight universal inputs, each with five BNC connectors. These universal inputs can accommodate composite video, S-Video, component video, RGsB, and RGBHV video signals. The VP-727xl is currently available at a list price of $5,495. Visit SPEAKER

Sonance doubles its surface mount speaker selection with the addition of a new single- stereo version, the SM55 SST. The SM55 SST single-stereo model combines a single, dual-voice coil 5-1/4-inch carbon fiber cone woofer with two flanking, wide-range 1-inch silk dome ferrofluid-cooled tweeters. Broad coverage delivers sound to a wide range of listening positions, making the SM55 SST ideal for small rooms, alcoves, and hallways. A round steel mounting plate accepts conventional speaker wiring and is affixed to a standard ceiling J-box via two supplied screws. It is available at $365 each. Visit

Intelix has released the DIGI-DVIF, a DVI balun that distributes a high-definition DVI-D signal up to 150 feet over two unshielded twisted pair cables. The Intelix DIGI-DVI-F supports 480i, 480p, 720p, and 1080i video up to 150 feet, 1680x1050 resolution video up to 100 feet, and 1920x1200 resolution video up to 60 feet. The Intelix DIGI-DVI-F balun supports standard HDTV and VESA resolutions, as well as the DDWG standard for DVI-compliant monitors. The unit is also is Mac compatible and HDCP compliant. Each DIGI-DVI-F includes the send unit, receive unit, and power supply. Retail price for the Intelix DIGI-DVI-F is $249.95. Visit SCALER

Extron Electronics has introduced the RGB-DVI 300, an RGB-to-DVI scaler that converts incoming analog component video and RGBHV signals to DVI. It accepts HDTV and high-resolution computer-video up to 1920x1200, and offers multiple, selectable DVI output rates up to 1920x1200, including HDTV 1080p/60. The RGB-DVI 300 is housed in a compact, low-profile enclosure for placement behind flat-panel displays, and offers several features for streamlining integration and enhancing system operation. Several memory presets are available to store and recall configuration settings using the front panel or through the RS-232 serial port. It is available now for $790. Visit LOUDSPEAKERS

Meyer Sound has announced the newest addition to its series of long-range loudspeakers. The SB-3F soundfield synthesis loudspeaker is designed for projecting mid- and high-frequency energy over distances up to 1km. Assuring intelligibility at long distances from the main point-source loudspeaker system is one of the most frequent issues in large-scale sound reinforcement, especially in the 2 kHz to 9 kHz frequency range. Employing a total of 448 high-powered, 1-inch neodymium transducerspurpose-built to create a highly directional wavefront, the SB-3F is used for overcoming high-frequency loss over long distances. U.S. list price for the SB-3F is $21,950. Visit

The new Sony VPL-FX41 projector is an XGA unit that produces 5,200 lumens and completes a product line-up that also includes the VPL-FX40 and VPL-FE40 models. The VPL-FE40 offers SXGA+ resolution, while the VPLFX41 and VPL-FX40 offer native XGA resolution for high image quality. The projectors use 12-bit 3D Gamma Correction Circuitry for accurate gamma correction, resulting in uniform image color and brightness across the entire screen-viewing surface. The series is available at $6,270 for the VPL-FX41, $4,399 for the VPL-FX41L, $6,000 for the VPL-FE40, $5,730 for the VPL-FE40L, $4,670 for the VPL-FX40, and $4,400 for the VPLFX40L. Visit SPLITTER

Gefen has announced the availability of the 1:4 3G SDI splitter at MSRP of $499. The 1:4 3G SDI splitter is a professional distribution solution that allows broadcasters and professionals working with the SDI format to deliver four identical video signals from one source input. High definition resolutions up to 1080p are delivered to all four displays with no signal loss and support for new 3G standards. By using just one cable to transmit 1080p full HD, broadcasters can streamline their cabling costs without sacrificing quality. Gefen's 1:4 3G SDI splitter offers support for NTSC and PAL formats and backwards compatibility with previous SDI formats. Visit

QSC's PL380 amplifiers are now available with detachable power cords and 32-amp PowerCon connectors from Neutrik. Produced up until now with a permanently attached power cord, the 120V and 100V models within QSC's PowerLight 3 Series now stand to offer users an AC cable connector with high current capacity (32 amps) designed to meet the needs of high-power distribution systems. The 230V PL380 will be upgraded from the 20A PowerCon to the new 32A connector at the same time. The new PowerCon connectors are three-pole systems with contacts for phase, neutral, and ground, and are suitable for use with voltages up to 250V. They are available now for $3,599. Visit ANALYZER SYSTEM

Kaltman Creations has announced a new, low-cost 2.4 GHz, bundled analyzer system. Called the AirSleuth Pro Bundle, the new system contains a 2.4 GHz signal generator that generates individual and continuous signals on all of the 11 802.11 WiFi channels. Also included in the bundle is the AirSleuth Pro 2.4 GHz analyzer, a software-based analyzer that quickly and easily displays RF activity in the WiFi channels. The bundled system is designed for IT managers, MIS personnel, or anyone involved in 2.4 GHz transmissions. The primary applications include: optimizing wireless networks, installation, testing, and troubleshooting. Available versions include USB and PCMCIA, for the same bundle system price of $499. Visit PROJECTOR

Hitachi has introduced the CP-X809 3LCD projector. The CP-X809 isdesigned to facilitate ceiling mounting in mid- to large-size spaces and offers a number of features for easy maintenance. Additionally, the CPX809 projector offers a brightness of 5,000 ANSI lumens, a 1,000:1 contrast ratio, and XGA resolution. The CP-X809 also uses inorganic LCD panels, which feature a higher resistance to light. This translates into longer operational life for the projector, and better picture quality during the life of the projector. It is also outfitted with a bayonet lens that can support up to four optional lenses. It is now available for $1,499. Visit SOFTWARE

Sierra Video's TyLinx Pro is a new router control software for Sierra's entire line of video and audio routing switchers. This enhanced version of TyLinx Pro can provide unique profiles for each user and adds additional security features for the control system. TyLinx Pro utilizes a Windows-based graphical user interface that allows users to virtually re-create their routing system on their computer desktops, defining sources and destinations, signal formats, and cabling. The operating window, or "console player," contains simple tabs that can be switched between Button Per Source and XY views of the routing switcher. Visit www.sierravideo. com to download the product for free.SEAMLESS SWITCHER

Kramer Electronics released its new VP-727xl In-CTRL seamless switcher. The VP-727xl is a new version of the popular VP-727 model that incorporates HDMI inputs and outputs. The unit is designed for use in presentation applications that require a preview option or that require seamless switching between inputs using special effects, cuts and fades, as well as in projection systems used in conference rooms, boardrooms, auditoriums, hotels, and churches. The new VP-727xl In-CTRL is equipped with dual scalers that offer preview and program output channels and can switch seamlessly frame-to-frame between two sources. The VP- 727xl is currently available at a list price of $5,495. Visit MEDIA PLAYER

Digital View's new ViewStream 400 is a digital video player designed for use with HD LCD and Plasma displays in out-of-home environments. Applications include, but are not limited to, point-of-purchase (POP) messaging and promotions, product demonstration videos, digital menu boards, customer information kiosks, employee training role playing and museum information displays. The ViewStream 400 is used as a standalone player without network connectivity. Content is updated via the USB port and a USB memory stick. Standard configuration will allow the ViewStream 400 to store more than 50 hours of content via a SATA hard drive. The ViewStream 400 is priced at $375 U.S. in 1,000-piece quantities. Visit AMPLIFIER

The new Strategy Series CP400 professional power amplifier from Atlas Sound is now shipping. It's a stereo power amplifier built around a pair of high-quality toroidal transformers. Providing isolation in both stereo and bridged mono operation, the new Atlas Sound Strategy Series CP400 offers a variety of power options and is rated at 200 watts per channel for 70.7V operation. Conforming to UL 813 standards, the unit additionally features a 30-position stepped input gain control on its back panel, both terminal block and XLR inputs, and an automatic, dual-speed, high efficiency cooling fan. It's available now at $644. Visit PROJECTORS

Epson America's new series of portable multimedia projectors are now shipping at prices ranging from $1,299 to $1,649. The Epson PowerLite 1720, 1725, 1730W, and 1735W projectors deliver 3,000 lumens of color and white light output for bright images and weigh less than four pounds. The PowerLite 1700 series projectors provide corporate and mobile presenters with the tools needed to present quickly and efficiently. Epson offers users flexibility to deliver standard or widescreen presentations via USB or wireless connectivity in virtually any meeting room space, without sacrificing image quality. Visit

Lab.gruppen has introduced the C 88:4 amplifier. Housed in a lightweight 2U chassis, the 4-channel C 88:4 sets a new benchmark for extreme power density by supplying a massive 8,800 watts of total output. Up to 2,200 watts per discrete channel are available at 2 ohms, 2,100 watts per channel at 4 ohms, while 4,600 watts are available through two bridged output pairs at 4 ohms. C 88:4 expands the C Series capability to the largest performance installations, being ideal for powering subwoofers, larger array systems, and broader, multi-powerlevel/ impedance applications. The C 88:4 is available for $5595 MSRP. Visit VENITLATOR

Active Thermal Management's (ATM) Cool-Line linear ventilation products were built in response to the need for cooling products to fit into ever-narrowing electronic spaces, such as above or below flat-panel displays. Cool- Line sets are available in metal and various species of unfinished wood. There are also matching grilles, without fans, available in metal and wood to further trim the intake openings. Cool-Line products measure 4 inches or less in width; lengths vary with models from the 15-inch (single fan) Cool-Line I to the 30-inch (twin fan). Retail pricing for Cool-Line products ranges from $330 to $595, depending on size and grille material. Visit PROJECTORS

Casio America released of four new Super Slim projector models featuring DLP projection technology. These new additions to the Super Slim line feature enhanced brightness and RS-232 connectivity, while still incorporating a thin body design - only 1.69-inches high. The XJ-S32, XJS37, XJ-S42, and XJ-S47 models are part of Casio's Ultra Bright Series designed for high brightness applications and mobile presenters. Casio has achieved 2,300-2,700 ANSI lumens output. This brightness improvement and versatile 2x power zoom lens allows the Super Slim projectors to be used in a boardroom, conference, or classroom where brightness is an important feature. Planned pricing will start from $899 to $1,199 MSRP. Visit TRANSMITTER-RECEIVER

  • Altinex has introduced the DR446-103 HDMI video over 5-coax transmitter/receiver. The Altinex DR446-103 is designed to be a digital bridge between legacy coaxial systems and newer HDMI systems. Now, users can upgrade, for example, their existing DVD players to Blu-Ray systems and transmit those output signals over coaxial cable to an upgraded display on the receiving end. The new DR446-103 consists of two devices - a transmitter and receiver. The transmitter converts HDMI to 5-coax cables and the receiver converts the 5-coax signals back to HDMI. The transmitter/receiver combination enables HDMI transmission lengths of 300 feet (91 m) using high-quality coaxial cable. The DR446-103 carries a MSRP of $395. It is available now. Visit

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