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Haivision Makito HD Encoders Power Live Video Distribution for Marlins Park

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The Miami Marlins are using Haivision’s Makito HD video encoders to stream live video of the games to fans throughout Marlins Park on more than 700 flat-panel screens in private suites, concourses, clubs and retail shops.

Working with Daktronics, a provider of display technology and media control systems for stadiums and venues, the Miami Marlins have deployed Haivision’s Makito encoders to bring real-time video of the game into one of the most sophisticated large screen and IPTV systems in the world. For Daktronics and the Marlins, HD over IP yields significant flexibility in system design and media control. For Miami Marlins fans, the integrated system gives them the confidence to leave their seats, explore the ballpark and visit concessions and retail areas, without missing any key moments of the game.

With extremely low latency, highly efficient H.264 video compression, and 1080p60 video quality, Haivision’s Makito HD encoders are designed for IPTV and HD digital signage, providing real-time live action with imperceptible delay. The Marlins can now show the game from different angles on the field, display video from other games in progress, and include any other type of dynamic audio and video content to entertain the crowd.

“The digital display technology, featuring the Haivision Makito HD encoders at the center, is a huge part of the game day presentation,” said Claude Delorme, executive vice president, Operations and Events, Miami Marlins. “We relied on Daktronic’s expertise in choosing the right products and solutions to create our display and video system, and we were not disappointed. The Makito’s low latency features and superior audio and video content delivery were key in making them the perfect encoding choice for us. Marlins Park is now capable of delivering video over IP, successfully creating the ultimate experience for our fans.”

“Daktronics creates exceptional fan experiences within stadiums and other venues,” said JoAnne Gaudreau, vice president of marketing at Haivision. “Integrated video distribution plays a key role in fan engagement and participation. With the Makito, the Marlins deliver immediate media experiences to fans wherever they are by taking advantage of high quality low latency video over IP throughout multiple venues.”

“The advantages of network video are clear for large scale deployments, but we needed to avoid the pitfall of solutions that introduce significant delay between the action on the field and the displays within public areas and private boxes,” said Matt Anderson, control systems marketing manager for Daktronics. “There’s nothing more important in the sports world than right here, right now, and that’s why real-time, low latency is so important. Haivision’s Makito combines the best HD picture quality with incredible performance allowing us the flexibility to deliver video anywhere within the facility with ease.”


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