Projector Lamp Experts to Make Commercial Debut at InfoComm 2016 -

Projector Lamp Experts to Make Commercial Debut at InfoComm 2016

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Projector Lamp Experts (PLE), a distributor of OEM and Platinum projector lamps, will be making its official commercial market introduction to dealers, resellers, and distributors at InfoComm 2016. The introduction will take place at Projector Lamp Experts’ booth, C9436.

“You’ve heard that the projector business is on a decline. You’ve heard that projectors are being increasingly replaced with LCD displays and video walls in classrooms, corporate offices, and government facilities,” Projector Lamp Experts president David Weatherhead said. “The reality is that, although the projector business is declining, the pace is not rapid enough for integrators to completely abandon the category. Dealers, distributors and resellers miss out on thousands of dollars each year in additional revenue in projector lamp replacements by not including projector lamps in their inventory.”

To assist the commercial channel in generating sales on projector lamp replacements, Projector Lamp Experts provides dealers, resellers, distributors, and service centers with low prices on projector lamps across North America and Europe. In the fall of 2015, Projector Lamp Experts introduced a new product line, Platinum Lamps, which makes affordably priced “Original Inside” lamps from best-in-class manufacturers like Philips, Osram, Ushio and Phoenix.

“Previously, customers had the option to either purchase expensive, OEM projector-branded lamps, or cheap, poor-performing copy-lamps. Platinum Lamps takes lamps from notable manufacturers and builds them into housings, or cages, that directly match projector manufacturer specifications,” Weatherhead explained. “They are reliable and affordable.”

Both Projector Lamp Experts and Platinum Lamps will aim to help the industry take back projector lamp replacement sales from third-party providers, such as “spare part” websites. “The current projector lamp replacement process, which virtually eliminates the integrator’s role, can be changed simply by adding inexpensive projector lamps to your inventory,” Weatherhead said. “Then, you can sufficiently profit off of long-term sales to new and old customers alike.”


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