DIGI Awards, Open for Entries

DIGI Awards, Open for Entries

As Chair of the Judges Committee for the DIGI Awards, I’m in charge of the industry's most established, most recognized, and most comprehensive program for recognizing the resellers, integrators and service providers who have gone the extra mile to ensure success for their clients, thereby furthering the digital signage and DOOH industry as a whole. Additionally, we recognize the best New Products for the digital signage market. The DIGI Awards are now officially open for entries. Deadline for entry is October 16, 2012. The DIGI Awards is the only industry award program that recognizes the outstanding integrators, content providers and also this year–product manufacturers–focusing on digital signage.

There are three master categories for this year's DIGI Awards:

• New Products (for the Digital Signage market) - this category is for product manufacturers to enter their new hardware or software products for digital signage

• Applications (completed, real-world design/installation of digital signage systems, including hardware, software, connectivity, etc) - this category is for integrators, installation companies, or end-users to enter interesting or innovative digital signage applications they were involved in

• Content (actual digital content produced for a client–text, messaging, and/or video–that runs on a digital signage system); this category is for Content creators/designers, or the end-users of that content, to enter.

Please select the Category below, that best describes your Entry. Click on that Category, and follow the instructions to Enter.

For the general DIGI Awards entry page:


Select the Category you want to enter below:


Digital Signage in a Retail store, Local Rollout (a non-national rollout: one or many locations, but all regional, not national)

Retail Roll-out, National

Interactive Technology Roll-out

Best Digital Signage Deployment, for Transportation

Best Deployment, Entertainment (cinema, sports venue, etc)

Best Deployment, Integration of Digital Signage and Mobile/Cell Phone Technology


Best Digital Signage Content, Merchandising

Best Content, Ambient (a non ad-based content model; i.e. content was to create branding, mood, etc, not sales lift)

Best Content, Corporate Communications (non-retail; digital signage for corporate campus)

Best Content, Interactive

Best Content, Advertising


Best New Technology Innovation in Digital Signage Displays

Best New Generation Display Device, Large Screen

Best New Display Device, Small Screen

Best New Generation Display Device, (non-LCD or Plasma)

Best New Content Management Software/Web-based (SaaS, or Software as a Service)

Best New Content Management Software/Premise-based

Best New Audience Measurement tool for Digital Signage

For the general DIGI Awards entry page:


For enquiries about categories, deadlines, etc:

David Keene is a publishing executive and editorial leader with extensive business development and content marketing experience for top industry players on all sides of the media divide: publishers, brands, and service providers. Keene is the former content director of Digital Signage Magazine.