Insight Media Pico Projector Phone Report

  • Insight Media, issued the Pico Projector Handset Report: A Technology and Market Study of Pico-Projectors Embedded into Mobile Handsets.
  • “The projector phone market is expected to be the highest volume opportunity for picoprojector technology,” commented Matthew Brennesholtz, lead analyst on the report. “Once the price-performance requirements of the service providers are met, we anticipate multiple tier-one vendors will offers projector phones in the market. This should occur over the next 2-3 years.”
  • But will the consumer accept them? To address this, Insight Media has developed its proprietary Purchase Decision Analysis methodology to identify the key buying decision factors for an end-user and to rate the ability of these factors to meet the needs of the end user.
  • “By performing this analysis for 2011, 2013 and 2015, we can anticipate how changes in technology, price and competitive factors will evolve and alter the perception of the projector phone in the minds of the end-user,” noted Insight Media President, Chris Chinnock. “These evaluations are supported by in-depth technology, market development, supply chain and cellular handset analyses.”
  • The report finds that the sales of projector phones could exceed 40M units by 2016, but there is a fairly wide range of outcomes to this forecast, reflected in the optimistic and conservative scenarios. To best capitalize on the projector phone opportunity, component, picoprojector and handset manufacturers, as well as service providers, need to be keenly aware of the rapidly evolving mobile communications market. Use model, technology, competition and new product categories are reshaping this field at a remarkable pace, so understanding how the picoprojector can benefit from these changes is critical for product success. This report aims to provide information useful in making critical technology, product, and commercialization decisions.
  • The Pico Projector Phone Report is the first of six planned reports focused on the use of pico projectors and micro projectors in various products and applications.
  • Additional reports will focus on:
  • cameras with projectors
  • toy projectors
  • stand-alone picoprojectors
  • consumer microprojectors
  • presentation microprojectors
  • Each report will contain a common 160-page technology, human factors and market driver evaluation. Each product-specific report will then do a deeper dive into the relevant products, technology, market factors and acceptance issues with the solid state projector.
  • Contact: Insight Media, Dian Mecca, (203) 831-8464,

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