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Starmount Taps Rightmer as President

By David Keene

Starmount has been working for several years on some interesting retail applications. To label them just “digital signage” applications would be not exactly accurate. Starmount is one of a small group of companies that already has a market for data processing in retail, and they have been working on integrating Point of Sales Data with digital signage applications. If digital signage is going to really take a bigger hold in retail, we need for a retailer to be able to cue digital signage messaging from sales data markers in their Oracle-run POS system, for example, or from other in-store data banks. With this announcement of the appointment of Jerry Rightmer as President of Starmount… note Rightmer’s previous experience at Oracle. Should be interesting…

This is the news release from Starmount:

Starmount has announced the appointment of Jerry Rightmer to President.

Rightmer brings almost 20 years of retail industry knowledge and technical expertise to Starmount, a provider of retail services and customer engagement technologies, including software for interactive kiosks, digital screen media and mobile applications.

"I am excited to have Jerry join the Starmount leadership team," said Joe Halloum, CEO, Starmount. "His vast knowledge in the retail technology space combined with his technical and management expertise will strengthen our position as we deliver our vision for a completely connected customer experience across new media and industries."

As President, Rightmer will oversee Starmount's product vision and technology strategy. He will provide strategic guidance to Starmount's product management and R&D teams, while maintaining a focus on customer-centric technologies for a variety of segments. Halloum will continue in his role as the company's CEO to guide the overall success of the business, working across the organization from sales and marketing to R&D and operations.

"Tools to reach, target and convert customers across multiple mediums is evolving at a mind blowing pace," Rightmer said. "On the other hand, organizations are now challenged with managing and maintaining all of those touchpoints, from the web and mobile commerce to digital media and point-of-sale. I'm thrilled to join Starmount to deliver a platform that easily integrates the customer engagement experience across an organization."

During Rightmer's tenure in retail system development, he has worked with a number of department store, mass merchant, specialty and e-commerce retailers. Most recently, Rightmer served as the Vice President of Retail Application Strategy for Oracle, leading the business process, enterprise architecture and integration strategy for Oracle Retail.

Prior to Oracle, Rightmer was the Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer and co-Founder of 360Commerce. Rightmer is a member of the Association for Retail Technology Standards (ARTS) Board of Directors and currently serves as the Chairperson of the ARTS Business Process Committee.

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