Pointmaker Launches Legal Training App

Pointmaker Launches Legal Training App

Pointmaker LLC recently launched the PVI Trainer iPad app that is especially designed for attorneys and witnesses to hone their argument on an iPad before going live in front of a judge and jury.

Because this app simulates a touch display similar to one that might be connected to a Pointmaker CR-100 courtroom annotation system (or any legacy Pointmaker) in the courtroom, users are now able to develop and practice the presentation in the comfort of their office for best effect.

For example, to develop the presentation, they can determine the zoom or framing of the image/document that best shows off exhibit details. They can also select different drawing colors or highlighters to ascertain the best contrast with each image to better focus the attention of judge and jury. To practice their presentation, users can draw on important elements of the image, clear them, then draw again, and again to help their case go as smoothly and powerfully as possible.

The app does not require a Pointmaker and is available for free in the App Store. (opens in new tab)

According to Pointmaker executive vice president Jennifer Marshall, attorneys had asked the company for a way to practice annotating on exhibit images because they didn¹t have access to the courtroom AV system until the day of the trial. “We’re proud to be able to offer this as one of our first solutions to this problem,” said Marshall.

Although this app is designed for practice in courtrooms, Marshall added, “It’s conceivable that it can be used in other venues with the Pointmaker CPN-6000 or CPN-5800 as an iPad presentation tool.”

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