Ancient Syrian Mosque Has Modern Sound -

Ancient Syrian Mosque Has Modern Sound

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DAMASCUS, SYRIA-Over the past few years, places of worship have become a fast-growing market with regards to high-quality sound reinforcement installations, and Proel sound reinforcement and installation products can already be found in many different places of worship all over the world-from Italy to Korea and beyond. One of the more outstanding of these installations is the Omayyad mosque, which can be found in the historical centre of Damascus, the picturesque capital city of Syria.

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The Omayyad mosque in Damascus is outfitted with Proel sound reinforcement and installation products. The main central prayer area been reinforced by its TFLV and Spark series of speakers.
With the mosque as it is dating back to the 700s, this historical location has been considered sacred for thousands of years. Circa 1000 B.C. the site was occupied by the Roman Temple of Jupiter. Now one of the most important and famous Mosques in Islam, it is the site of the tomb of Salah ad-Din-the Muslim leader who recaptured Jerusalem from the Crusaders-as well as of Saint John the Baptist (known as the prophet Yahya in the Quranic tradition).
The first monumental work of architecture in Islamic history, Omayyad served as a central gathering point-after Mecca-to consolidate the Muslims in their faith.

Proel distributors, Technical Light and Sound Center, together with sister company Sada Pro Systems, were given the job of designing a sound reinforcement system capable of meeting the requirements of such a location-without effecting the beautiful aesthetic of the Mosque.
The products chosen for the installation have been taken from across the Proel sound reinforcement and installation catalogue, with the main central prayer area been reinforced by the TFLV and Spark series of speakers.

"We chose the Proel speakers for many reasons," said Yaman Al Homsi from the Sada installation department. "The excellent sound quality coupled with the attractive aesthetics allowed us to reach and to surpass the requirements of this historical installation."

Steve Smith from the Proel export department had a chance to visit the mosque once the installation was complete. "This is a fantastic installation and we are very proud that our loudspeaker systems have been used to reinforce such an important location as the Omayyad Mosque".


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