StrandVision Adds Marketing Videos from ClickVue -

StrandVision Adds Marketing Videos from ClickVue

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StrandVision LLC has announced that it has arranged to resell and seamlessly integrate all 38 credit union and bank digital media videos from

These bank customer service videos range from 30 seconds to over 4 minutes in length. They feature background music with audio narration and are subtitled to work in quiet digital signage environments.

This partnership allows banks, credit unions and other financial institutions the ability to seamlessly incorporate the videos into their StrandVision Digital Signage content to reward customer patronage using educational and entertaining lobby and drive-up visitor communications in a relaxed, eye-catching format.

Topics covered by the financial services videos include loans, fraud, online banking, e-statements, credit cards, budgeting and insurance needs. Longer versions have segments targeted specifically for both banks and credit unions.

"We are excited to expand the reach of our lobby videos into smaller financial institutions," said Scott Hansen, president of ClickVue. "Our videos enhance StrandVision's already versatile and powerful content delivery system for a very affordable price."

"These digital media videos combined with our consistent, easy to manage digital signage takes the printed poster to a new level of communication," StrandVision Founder and CEO Mike Strand said. "We are pleased that ClickVue has chosen us to be their first integrated digital signage partner."

The videos are available to StrandVision Digital Signage subscribers for $100 per year per screen. Shorter terms and volume discounts apply as they do to traditional StrandVision Digital Signage subscriptions. The video content is also offered at no charge for the first 30 days to customers with the digital signage subscription available from StrandVision Digital Signage.

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