Plasma TVs Have Bright Cost Reduction and Performance Improvement -

Plasma TVs Have Bright Cost Reduction and Performance Improvement

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AUSTIN, TEXAS--DisplaySearch believes the outlook for plasma TV cost reductions and performance improvements are closely tied to improvements in luminous efficacy as outlined in its recently introduced 2007 PDP Technology Report. Luminous efficacy can be simply expressed as the relationship between luminance (brightness) and power consumption. As luminous efficacy improves, higher brightness can be achieved at the same power levels, and lower power can be achieved at existing brightness levels.

DisplaySearch's new report goes into great detail explaining how higher luminous efficacy levels can be increased, when they are likely to occur and quantifies the anticipated impact on cost reduction and performance improvements.

According to DisplaySearch's YS Chung, director of FPD material and technology and Aanalysis and co-author of this new report, "It will be critical for plasma manufacturers to increase luminous efficacy to improve their competitive position with LCD TV manufacturers who continue to target larger and larger sizes where the plasma share is highest. We believe a doubling of luminous efficacy to 5.0 lm/W will happen this decade and can reduce plasma panel manufacturing costs by 9-11 percent vs. 2.5 lm/W costs primarily due to reductions in address and sustain voltage levels and resulting increases in circuit integration. In addition, further improvements in luminous efficacy to 10 lm/W could reduce costs by as much as 40 percent."

Chung also pointed out in the report that improvements in luminous efficacy are not just limited to brightness, power and cost, but will have far reaching effects in contrast ratio, gray scale, design tolerances, EMI, heat reliability, lifetimes, power suppliers, optical filters, mechanical designs, panel designs, circuit designs and number of process steps.

For more information about DisplaySearch's 2007 PDP Technology Report, contact Arie Braun at 512.687.1505 or


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