Altinex Introduces VP500-101 VGA to HDMI Converter -

Altinex Introduces VP500-101 VGA to HDMI Converter

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Altinex has introduced the VP500-101 VGA to HDMI Converter.

According to the company, the new VP500-101 is the ideal solution for converting the VGA output of a laptop computer or similar device for use in an HDMI system or when connecting to an HDMI compatible flat screen display or projector.

The unit’s VGA input connector is a standard 15-pin HD M that connects directly to the output of the laptop, PC, or other VGA source. The VP500-101’s video input supports resolutions up to WUXGA (1920 x 1200) at 60 Hz. The analog audio signal is also digitized and embedded into the HDMI stream, enabling video and audio to reach the destination display via the display’s HDMI input.

The VP500-101 is small and lightweight and can easily be installed behind a display or connected directly to the display’s input. In most cases, the converter receives its power directly from the VGA source over the video cable. In the event the source does not supply power, or supplies insufficient power, a +5 VDC USB power cable is provided as part of the VP500-101 system package. This enables the VP500-101 to be powered from an unused USB connector on the source laptop or PC. Alternatively, the unit can even be powered from an available USB port on the display or projector.

“The VP500-101 is one of those tools no conference center, hotel, or similar presentation space should be without, as one never knows when the need to interface a laptop computer with analog video and audio outputs to a newer generation display may arise," said Grant Cossey, Altinex vice president of sales. "As a recognized adopter of the HDMI standard, Altinex is fully compliant with all regulations—further ensuring trouble free operation of the VP500-101 without user intervention. I’m confident audiovisual integrators, conference center AV technology managers, and many others will find this unit extremely useful.”

The Altinex VP500-101 VGA to HDMI Converter is available now and carries a MSRP price of $325. The ‘reverse direction’ partner product, the VP500-100 HDMI to VGA Converter, is also available with a MSRP price of $325.


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