Snell Launches Version 2 of Morpheus Automation Family -

Snell Launches Version 2 of Morpheus Automation Family

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Snell has released Version 2 of its Morpheus automation system and Morpheus ICE, Snell's cost-effective channel delivery platform. Highlights include a significant expansion of the industry-leading Morpheus feature set and full ratification for running in a virtual machine environment. At the 2010 NAB Show, Snell is featuring a playout solution that runs on Morpheus and Morpheus ICE, demonstrating the solutions' system density and resilient architecture.

"Since its inception, Morpheus has provided the most powerful, flexible, and scalable broadcast automation solution on the market, with the ability to seamlessly evolve from a single channel to a multi-channel, multi-customer playout solution in line with business requirements and investment plans," said Neil Maycock, chief marketing officer for Snell. "Morpheus ICE is an integral part of the Morpheus suite, supporting both SD and HD and bringing together a video server, graphics, switchers, channel branding, captioning, and subtitling, in a convenient 3RU package, all managed by Morpheus Automation. ICE offers a low-cost, entry-level solution for start-up channels as well as a cost-effective building block for distributed operations supporting activities such as regional program management and remote disaster recovery."

The company says that Morpheus' new capability to run in a virtual machine environment will deliver significant benefits to broadcasting operations such as improving Morpheus' application density and reducing the physical footprint of the system while maintaining system resilience. Running complex, real-time broadcast automation and media management using shared and distributed processing makes it easier for broadcasters to manage system upgrades, add new devices and channels, as well as use additional Morpheus capabilities. Capitalizing on the benefits from regular improvements in IT technology areas such as OS, middleware, and hardware, the overall cost of ownership is reduced. Finally, a virtual machine environment requires less hardware and delivers the benefits of lower equipment costs and associated power savings.

In addition, Version 2 of Morpheus automation includes an enhanced join-in-progress feature designed to help broadcasters manage overruns in live events through emulation of server "dead rolling." There is also a new configuration tool for the industry-leading Media Ball™ enabling broadcasters to take new channels to air quickly and easily. Media Ball allows multiple hierarchically linked events to be grouped together and managed as a single entity.

Version 2 of Morpheus ICE adds support for 720p to its existing 1080i support, further rounding out the solution's HD capabilities. Also, Morpheus ICE now includes support for industry-standard closed-captioning formats.


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