Thinklogical Offers KVM and Video VX640 Router -

Thinklogical Offers KVM and Video VX640 Router

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Thinklogical will be showcasing its new VX640 Router at the GEOINT Symposium 2012 (booth 1134).

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The VX640 is a high bandwidth Video and KVM router. It is designed to meet the growing customer demand for a secure, high bandwidth routing solution for high density, mission critical environments.

The VX640 is a protocol agnostic solution and allows for any combination of bidirectional sources and destinations up to 640 total, from one source or destination routed to 639 destinations or sources, up to 320 sources routed to 320 destinations. Completely designed with non-blocking matrix architecture, the VX640 router delivers uncompressed video with no artifacts, latency or lost frames. In addition, the router can be configured for multi-mode or single mode fiber optics, and coaxial on a port-by-port basis.

“We are the market share leader in fiber-based, high bandwidth KVM and video routing solutions and the VX640 extends this lead. The launch of the VX640 Router is a significant step forward and demonstrates our commitment to innovate and introduce leading-edge solutions for KVM applications,” said Joe Pajer, president and CEO of Thinklogical. “The VX640 solidifies our KVM routing portfolio, which now provides our customers with a scalable, wide variety of matrix sizes and solutions.”

The VX640 Router provides security features such as multi-domain routing through partitioning and restricted switching technologies. These features are designed to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of critical data that is routed through the VX640. The modular design of the VX640 allows for all critical system components including power supplies, cooling fans, fabric switch cards and pluggable optics (SFP+) to be hot-swappable, minimizing business impact in the event a component should fail. The hot-swappable I/O boards also provide in-service expansion capabilities, allowing the VX640 to be reconfigured without interrupting signal processing.

“The VX640 Router offers unparalleled performance, reliability, continuous operation, security and investment protection to customers who have a large number of KVM sources and destinations,” said Larry Wachter, vice president of research and development at Thinklogical. “Our innovative technology and architectural approach allows Thinklogical to stand alone in our ability to introduce a router as robust as the VX640. We are proud to announce that Thinklogical customers are already reaping significant benefits from the VX640, as it has already been successfully deployed in a classified government environment.”


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