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Elite Screens Insta-DE2

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Elite Screens, Inc. has revealed the latest addition to its line of pliable whiteboard-projection screens, Insta-DE2.

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The Insta-DE2 Screen is a pliable projection screen material that is ultra-sheer for converting smooth wall surfaces and windows into an interactive whiteboard/projection screen for use with standard and short throw projectors.

It is made with Elite’s GREENGUARD certified Versawhite 'whiteboard-projection screen' material coat with long lasting anti-scratch surface for daily dry erase white board usage.

Insta-DE2 had special anti-reflection diffusion layer to provide a wide viewing angle when used in projection applications. It combines the need of both chalkboard and drop down projection screen into one low cost solution.

Products are available in 84-inch (4:3 NTSC aspect ratio), 97-inch (16:10 WXGA aspect Ratio) and 105-inch (16:9 HDTV aspect ratio). Larger sizes include 4.2’ x 10-30’ large training room sizes.


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