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Field Testing -- XTA's Walkabout

Project: NFL Pro Bowl 2005NFL All Stars Game
Aloha Stadium, Aiea Hawaii
Contractor: Jeff Kang
Custom Audio, Kaneohe, HI

SCN: How did you use the XTA Walkabout for this project?
Jeff Kang:
We used the recently released Walkabout Kit to tune and manage the field speaker system. With wireless capability, we could listen to just one frequency band in one area as needed and adjust for numerous variables in the stadium. We were able to walk just about the entire stadium and always have control of the system.

Which XTA products were you controlling with the Walkabout?
Our entire rig consists of XTA DP226 Loudspeaker Processors. Each rack has one processor that controls up to four speaker cabinets per side of the rack. For the Pro Bowl, We used Racks 1-4, using Rack 1 as the primary rack. On the rear panel of Rack 1, we have the walkabout transceiver mounted with all the cabling inside the rack. From there we use standard XLR cable to link the racks in series.

What adjustments did you make with the Walkabout?
Some of the variables involved were balancing, EQ, overall system protection and bandpass control. This gave us the ability to listen to just one stack at a time, or one frequency band at a time. It was great for system checking day to day and also being able to EQ the sound from the audience's POV.

Was it easy to set up the Wiser WLAN to serial converter for the XTA boxes?
Extremely easy!

Were you happy with the Netgear WiFi card?
The netgear card performs well all around, and is much more stable under Windows 2000 Professional.

How would you rate the XTA Walkabout's performance in this installation?
Flawless! Even with thousands of people on the field and in the stands, simply flawless. No adjustments were needed during the game, however, it allowed me to be in various places during the system use and still keep an eye on the processors.

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