Digital View Text Overlay

  • Digital View has added a text overlay feature to its SVH-1920 Advanced High Definition LCD controller that merges video and informational text on a single display. Text sequences are delivered via the controller serial port and can be overlaid on up to four separate lines at the bottom of the screen. Utilizing Digital View’s proprietary Serial Port Protocol (SPP), this feature enables the SVH-1920 controller to receive text strings of up to 40 characters and display them in fixed locations at the bottom of the LCD screen. Text strings can be sent to individual lines, along with horizontal positioning commands, line or screen erasure and selectable background transparency.
  • The text overlay feature can be used to significantly enhance a variety of applications. For teleconferencing, it can be used to show real-time information such as remaining time and location updates. In video production, it can display active camera numbers or whatever data is desired. Medical instrumentation displays can use text overlay to display a wide range of critical real-time patient information. Security displays can use it to show active camera area and other parameters and, for military applications, text overlay can provide live, continually updated targeting information for weapons management.
  • The text overlay capability can be customized to provide specific formats or features for OEM customers. Digital View also offers a downloadable Windows-based utility program – available at – enabling developers to create demonstrations and simulations of the text overlay feature.
  • The text overlay feature is supported on Digital View SVH-1920 controllers equipped with firmware revision V0.31or later.
  • SVH-1920 controllers with text overlay are shipping now. Pricing is $225.00 in 1,000-piece quantities. They are also available from Digital View’s distribution network. Delivery is off-the-shelf.
  • For more information, (408) 782 7773;

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