Meyer Sounds Education Program: Bringing Sound Science to Every Corner of the World

BERKLEY, CA--Since the first SIM School held in 1984, Meyer Sound has continually expanded its education program into an effort that now stages an ongoing series of science-based professional seminars on six continents. In 2007 alone, Meyer Sound conducted a total of 79 seminars worldwide, and in 2008, that number is expected to increase to more than 126 seminars in 29 countries. The award-winning company even went so far as to build a 57-seat theatre at its headquarters for hosting seminars.

The long-standing initiative stems from the companys notion that its purpose was not simply to manufacture the highest quality loudspeakers and audio products, but also to educate audio professionals in the principles that guide their best use.

As the reach and scale of Meyer Sounds seminars has grown, so has its scope. Today, the course offerings cover line array technology, the use of acoustical prediction, sound system design, mixing, programming of the powerful Matrix3 audio show control system, and, of course, source independent measurement.

Far from cursory overviews or thinly veiled sales presentations, the seminars, which vary in length from a single day to a solid week, are comprehensive, in-depth examinations that deliver understandable explanations of theory, then show how it is put to practical use in the field.

The programs strong expansion in the last five years has spurred corresponding growth in Meyer Sounds team of educators and an increase in on-the-ground tactics to ensure the seminars are accessible to customers and audio professionals all over the world.

In the U.S., David Mac Johnson joined the companys education staff at the firms Berkeley, CA headquarters, while Steve Cochran anchors the program in the Eastern U.S., operating out of the companys Nashville, TN offices.

The already burgeoning European arm of the Meyer Sound seminar series also received additional focus recently, with educational programs manager Gavin Canaan relocating to Europe in 2007 to gain more immediate access to the region, and the creation of a dedicated training space at Meyer Sound Germanys new offices in Montabaur.

A look at the calendar of upcoming events shows a constant flurry of international activity; its a lot of people doing a lot of teaching in a whole lot of places. But Meyer Sounds commitment to education is not limited to seminars: the company supports trade groups like USITT (United States Institute for Theatre Technology), and Broadway Sound Master Classes, as well as funding the John and Helen Meyer Scholarship program in Spain.


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