Neutrik USA Announces XIRIUM PRO Cable Replacement System -

Neutrik USA Announces XIRIUM PRO Cable Replacement System

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The What: Neutrik’s new XIRIUM PRO Wireless Digital Audio System is designed as a cable replacement system and will be on display at InfoComm 2016 in Las Vegas. It provides audio signals to and from devices without long or complicated cable runs and delivers studio quality, full bandwidth, FCC license-free audio with extremely low latency free of any compression.

The What Else: Neutrik’s DiWA (Digital Wireless Audio) technology provides compression-free, wireless transmission of audio within the Five GHz band—delivering ‘cabled’ 20 Hz – 20 kHz audio performance. Further, XIRIUM accomplishes this with extremely low latency—less than four milliseconds—regardless of how many XIRIUM PRO devices are used. All signals are sample accurate with no ‘slippage’ in signal timing.

The Bottom Line: XIRIUM PRO is a modular system providing flexibility of signal type, with input and output modules available for analog, AES, and Dante. The system facilitates the transmission of all three audio formats with transmission distance ‘cable replacement length’ of greater than half a mile (>1 Km line-of-sight). XIRIUM PRO works with mixed signal types, including analog TX (transmission) to AES RX (receive), Dante TX to analog RX, etc. The system can provide RF output up to two watts when used with a high-gain antenna. XIRIUM PRO accepts Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 connectors—eliminating ‘wall wart’ power supplies.


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