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Hughes Launches Managed Network Services for Enterprises and Governments

  • Hughes Network Systems has launched HughesON, a comprehensive suite of managed network and digital media solutions for the enterprise and government markets. HughesON is designed for companies with multiple branch locations in retail, restaurant, hospitality, and financial markets, as well as federal, state and local government agencies.
  • “Organizations cannot afford to have their networks slow down their operations,” said Mike Cook, senior vice president, North American Division at Hughes. “Today’s IT managers are dealing with challenges ranging from new cloud and mobile initiatives, to customer WiFi and rich-media signage and training applications. These applications require more bandwidth and higher performance than typical networks can provide, as well as higher reliability and more security options. HughesON meets these needs with network solutions that deliver multi-branch applications at a better price/performance ratio than traditional solutions.”
  • A common approach to improving network performance is to add a WAN optimization appliance to each branch location. However, this approach is very expensive and complex for 100+ site organizations. HughesON incorporates performance optimization and security technologies into the Hughes customer premises equipment (CPE), eliminating the need to invest in additional hardware to deploy high-speed and high performance networks.
  • HughesON Performance Optimization technologies actively monitor in real-time the network variability of the underlying broadband network and customer traffic to ensure higher application performance. As a result, HughesON transforms “best-efforts” broadband into a cost-effective, enterprise-class Wide-Area Network (WAN) capable of speeds up to 12 Mbps with true end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS).
  • Hughes performance optimization technologies include:
  • Hughes ActiveQoS— enables end-to-end QoS over cost-effective broadband for proper application priority and better application performance.
  • Hughes ActiveBonding— intelligently bonds multiple broadband links at the IP-level for higher link capacities and better application performance.
  • Hughes ActiveCompression— delivers up to 50 times more throughput or ‘virtual bandwidth’ to customer applications without costly capacity upgrades.
  • HughesON includes a comprehensive suite of digital media solutions that enable organizations to deliver high-impact, customer-facing digital signage, and rich-media employee training. HughesON employs innovative technology to ensure high-bandwidth applications, like high-definition video, is delivered efficiently and at peak performance, without adversely impacting the existing network.
  • “Our next-generation HughesON solutions with built-in performance optimization technologies represent a new approach to the multi-branch market. Now, IT managers can break free from their constrained networks and use HughesON to power their organizations and meet their objectives,” added Cook.
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