DV Expo Announces Presentation Theater: Breakthrough Video Compression Technology

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DV Expo announced the complimentary program - Presentation Theater: Breakthrough Video Compression Technology: ADC2 for 2:15pm - 2:45pm on Wednesday Dec 2nd in Washington, DC.

This presentation will describe how to improve the compression performance of any standard video codec, i.e., MPEG-4, H.264, VC-1, etc, by a factor of more than 5 without any change of the codec itself and with no perceptible loss of visual quality compared to that produced by the codec alone. This kind of performance makes it possible the delivery of High-Definition video to TV sets over the Internet using wired or wireless connections with less than 1 Mbps. Patent protected novel uses of Wavelet Transform math will be discussed. The presenter will by Dr. A. DeCegama, CEO & CTO of ADC2 Technologies Corporation.

Register for DV Expo today at https://elandregistration.com/elandreg/index.php?e=gdGOoSkGdes=?e=gdGOoSkGdes=


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