Caltron Partners With Atmio To Deliver Web-Based Content Management For Digital Signage -

Caltron Partners With Atmio To Deliver Web-Based Content Management For Digital Signage

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Caltron Industries announced the availability of Atmio's web-based Content Management System Software which provides networked content management and control for Caltron's MP-1080A and MP-1080H High-Definition Digital Signage Players. This new partnership enables content management access for previously non-networkable digital signage markets, increasing Caltron's reach and opening its capabilities to anyone needing digital signage.

"At Caltron, we've always been on the cutting edge of content management -- from network access to USB and memory card uploading," says Jim Wang, president of Caltron. "Now, our partnership with Atmio opens up the door to cloud-based content management, overcoming the final hurdle to anywhere anytime content management."

Caltron's MP-1080 digital signage players have an industry reputation of excellent quality, reliability, and performance. Compact, durable, and easy-to-use, MP-1080 players are currently used worldwide for digital signage. However, today's businesses demand on-the-fly updates and anywhere/anytime access to content management. With remote access via Atmio's web-based content management system, Caltron has fulfilled this critical need, giving users even greater flexibility for controlling their digital signage.

"We feel that we have the perfect partner in Atmio," says Wang. "Their easy-to-use interface works seamlessly with Caltron's Digital Signage Players and lives up to the standard established by the Caltron brand."

Atmio’s Content Management System has a web-based interface that allows for independent playlist editing and content management across multiple networked signage deployments. As with all internet solutions, Atmio's web-based system is a hosted solution compatible with all popular web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome). Featuring an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, scrolling message updates, and MP-1080 management via online network management software, Caltron's MP-1080 Digital Signage Players are more user-friendly, accessible, and scalable than ever before -- the ideal solution for users planning on networking a standalone Caltron MP-1080 player at a later date.

"Our solution allows Caltron’s customers to focus on what’s important – their digital signage content," says Sunil Baliga, CEO of Atmio. "Atmio completely handles the technical side by providing server maintenance, storage space, provisioning bandwidth, software upgrades, and more. Caltron handles hardware support with their excellent support staff."


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