Nanolumens for AmericanAirlines Arena and Miami HEAT -

Nanolumens for AmericanAirlines Arena and Miami HEAT

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Xfinity East Plaza at the AmericanAirline Arena in Miami.

The AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami, Florida, opened its Xfinity East Plaza this week with help from NanoLumens and NRG. The HEAT Group, owners of the AmericanAirlines Arena and the Miami HEAT NBA basketball team hired NanoLumens to create a visual environment using six of its NanoSlim and NanoWrap solutions at the Xfinity East Plaza. 

The 23,000 square foot outdoor plaza is made up of a stage, a bar, food from local eateries, live music and entertainment, seating and high-speed internet. The opening of the Xfinity East Plaza will turn what was previously a smoking area into a major new entertainment area. The venue features a 720 square foot, bi-level performance stage with LED lighting, special effects lighting truss and a 70,000-watt audio system. Five NanoLumens screens are also suspended 10 feet off the ground and NanoSlim solutions provide imagery throughout the venue. NanoLumens installed five 8’X6’ 4MM pixel pitch non-faceted NanoWrap solutions in the Xfinity East Plaza along with one 16’X9’ NanoSlim solution to show the game live outdoors.

The six NanoLumens solutions were made available to the HEAT Group through NanoLumens Advantage program. They were designed to help businesses gain a competitive sales advantage with the technology, protect against obsolescence, and secure budget approvals.


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200 Foot Long NanoLumens LED in Miami International

The Miami International Airport, America’s second busiest airport for international travelers, has updated the International Arrivals Terminal with a 200-foot-long NanoLumens NanoCurve LED display. It displays images and videos of Miami and the South Florida region.

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PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter LCD Wall

Planar Systems, Inc. announced that the developers of PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter, have chosen Planar’s Clarity Matrix LCD Video Wall System to help market the luxury condominiums to future buyers.

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NanoLumens Engages Commuters at New York’s Penn Station

Advertisers are constantly looking for new ways to capture and hold the attention of harried and hurried daily commuters, and nowhere is this more apparent than in New York City’s Penn Station, North America’s busiest transit center. To capitalize on the massive daily audience that passes through the station, CBS Outdoor turned to NanoLumens to provide a solution that can’t be missed.

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NanoLumens LED Solution for GTP Group Mall

The GPT Group turned to NanoLumens and Digital Place Solutions to design an instillation for the Highpoint Shopping Center in Maribyrnong, a suburb of Melbourne. Earlier this year, NanoLumens and Digital Place Solutions created a virtualization at the Melbourne Central Shopping Center.