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MuxLab Launches ProDigital Network Controller

MuxLab Launches ProDigital Network Controller

The What: MuxLab’s ProDigital Network Controller (model 500811) is designed to give installers and their customers the ability to simplify their AV systems. With 24/7 access from any place at any time, this versatile solution allows users to manage virtual switches and splitters with the press of a button.

MuxLab ProDigital Network Controller

The What Else: This controller provides the building blocks to develop automation control applications. IP-based devices can be managed with a scripted command that automates actions for hands-free operation. It also auto-discovers MuxLab AV over IP devices to simplify installation and centralizes software upgrades to enhance performance. Plus, it supports a common API for third-party control of MuxLab devices.

“When combined with MuxLab’s growing family of AV over IP products, the ProDigital Network Controller is an essential solution for the comprehensive and unified management of AV devices,” said MuxLab’s president, Daniel Assaraf.

The Network Controller is based on a Linux PC platform. It scans the network for active MuxLab AV-over-IP products over a distributed network, which the user can then configure and control. Because it can be managed locally and remotely, it frees users from being onsite to configure, operate, or troubleshoot the system. It also supports I/O presets, which can be created and saved for later use.

“This is one of MuxLab's most important assets offering state-of-the-art technology in the AV-over-IP space,” Assaraf said. “It takes the complexity out of setting up AV over IP distributions and provides users with greater mobility and improved performance.”

The Bottom Line: The ProDigital Network Controller is designed to centralize control of all IP-connected MuxLab devices, and is accessible both on- and off-site using an intuitive web interface and third-party apps on smartphones and tablets.